Commemoration at the „Feitsch” crossroads at Allerborn

Great and wonderful commemoration yesterday at the „Feitsch” crossroads at Allerborn. The Friends of Patton’s 26th Infantry Divisioun organized this event to remember Task Force Harper of the 9th Armored Division. On december 18th 1944 this Task Force has been sacrified with the only objective to slow down the german Offensive and to gain precious time to let other american reinforcements arrive to the strategical very important town of Bastogne. The american Task Forces of the 9th Armored Division never got a real and official recognition for their great sacrifice. Today it is our responsibility to give it to them. That‘s why our association designed some years ago a Monument which has found an temporary place at the Feitsch crossroads now until it will get a definitive one. We shall never forget these american soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Our association, together with the Belgian association the 501th and 506th PIR Vellereux, the friends of the Bouncing Betty have been very honored to lay down flowers yesterday at their Monument.

Photos of the commemoration

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